Marketplace independence, on-chain royalties, consistent provenance.

A new standard for NFTs

Why Chia?

Better Tech for a Better Way

Chia’s NFT1 standard is built with creators and collectors in mind.

Marketplace Independence

Chia enables true peer-to-peer trading through Offer Files with no counterparty risk.

On-chain Royalties

Creator royalties are enforced on-chain when NFTs are traded trustlessly through Offer Files.

Consistent Provenance

Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) enable creator and owner provenance on-chain.

Digital Permanence

Additional sources for digital files can be appended to NFTs with cryptographic integrity.

Licenses and Media

Usage licenses and media support are part of the standard and not an after thought.

True Ownership

Chia's coinset model means true NFT ownership and not just a data record in a smart contract.

Ready for Takeoff

It's easy as 1-2-3 to dip your toes in the Chia NFT ecosystem.

Step 1. Download a Wallet

Get a wallet with NFT support. We recommend the official Chia desktop client but there are also other wallets across various platforms.

Step 2. Get some XCH

Chia is listed on many exchanges and you can also on-ramp directly into the Chia DeFi ecosystem with the Stably partnership.

Step 3. Dive right in

Whether you’re a creator or a collector, explore the ecosystem and discover a growing world.

See it in action

Select projects that bring something unique to the ecosystem.

  • Chia Friends

    Chia Friends

    • Official PFP project from Chia Network.
    • Randomly distributed via free airdrop.
    • Token gated community discord.
    • On-chain royalities directed to a charity.
  • Monkeyzoo


    • Daily distribution of $MZ tokens.
    • Exploring evolving NFTs and integration with metaverse and GameFi.
    • Hosts weekly Twitter Spaces for creators.
  • Marvelous Marmots

    Marvelous Marmots

    • Initially redeemed via presale tokens.
    • Pioneering different Offers based auction methods such as Dutch auctions, overtime auctions etc.
  • BatGAN Mint Pass

    BatGAN Mint Pass

    • Created by Seth Jenks
    • Provides access to a token gated Discord community of NFT artists and creators.
  • Marmot World Order

    Marmot World Order

    • NFTs are minted on-demand with an AI image generated based on user submitted prompt.
  • Instant NFTs

    • Tweet at @seedsnapp to instantly mint a tweet into an NFT.
    • Special hashtags like #reimagine will augment an tweet with AI.
  • Chunks Chia Punks

    Chunks Chia Punks

    • 12,000 CryptoPhunks inspired PFPs.
    • Images stored on Chia DataLayer for increased permanence.


Discover collections, trade peer-to-peer, true ownership.

Explore and discover NFTs in the Chia ecosystem. Easily mint collections with MintGarden Studio.

Search curated collections by traits and rarity. Showcase and share your collection.

Buy and sell NFTs on a decentralized exchange. Also supports trading of Chia Asset Tokens.

See NFT activity and insights on this Chia blockchain explorer.

Find more resources, links, and tools about the Chia blockchain and all its other innovations.

The Chia Friends NFT project community Discord. Hop in and get your questions answered!